Sunday, 23 February, 2020

Attack on Gaza; Iran’s Role and Reasons in Support for Palestine

By: Teimour Faraji

Israel’s brutal and inhuman attacks against Gaza on July 2014 has once again clearly portrayed the vicious nature and fierce temper of this apartheid regime. According to collected data in the recent Gaza War, over 20 thousand tons of bombs and explosives were landed on the innocent people of this 360 kilometers strip and more than 2 thousand people were martyred as well. Israel provided some reasons or pretexts to wage a 50-day-war against Gaza. The most important reason of Israel to attack Gaza is the alleged kidnapping of three Israeli Jewish settlers by resistance groups. But the main reasons of Israeli invasion of Gaza are the convergence of both Fatah and Hamas and fear for plan of national unity government in Palestine as well.

Israel Objectives and Resistance Groups Achievements in Recent Gaza War

There is no doubt that the most important objective of Israel in its recent war on Gaza is to crush the infrastructures of Islamic resistance groups and disarm Hamas, as the regime and its regional and international allies especially US explicitly stated that they seek for disarmament of resistance groups, find a permanent solution of firing rickets, replace Palestinian National Authority with Hamas in Gaza, eliminate Palestinian rockets and tunnels and make the ceasefire of 2012 permanent. In other words, the third Gaza War showed that 50-day resistance of oppressed Palestinians along with the other resistance groups led Israel to suffer a contemptuous defeat exactly like the 8-day and 22-day wars. Due to the fact that many Israel’s objectives in the recent Gaza war weren’t met. But instead, the 50-day Gaza War has brought some remarkable achievements for resistance groups especially Hamas. The criterion of this victory can be observed in fulfilling the resistance group’s conditions and imposing them on Israel. Before agreeing to the ceasefire and direct talks, Palestinian groups have laid down some certain conditions such as lifting Gaza siege, building international airport and port within Gaza Strip boundaries, increasing the allowable area for catching fish on the beach of Gaza as well as Israel withdrawal from the beach, releasing Palestinian prisoners, reconstructing Gaza Strip and its infrastructures and facilitating movement into and out of Gaza as well as goods entry and exit. When 50-day war ended, resistance groups weren’t disarmed, no mentioning of it in the ceasefire agreement. According to the agreement, Hamas and the other Jihadist groups have not given any guarantee to refrain from firing rockets towards Tel Aviv and the other cities if they face Israel aggression. On the other hand, Palestinian resistance groups attained some considerable achievements in the recent Gaza War such as establishing a comprehensive ceasefire and stopping the regular attack to positions of each other, opening officially the Gaza northern and eastern crossings, Israel’s commitment not to restrict the movement of Gazans into and out of occupied territories, expanding freedom of the Palestinians in the Gaza coast from 6 miles to 12 miles, in other words, these 12 miles belong to Gaza. Among these achievements, increasing the allowable area for catching fish on the beach of Gaza from 6 miles to 12 miles is considerably important for Palestinians. If accepted by Israel, it would almost overshadow the earth crossings and diminish its strategic importance; consequently, it can be concluded that resistance groups and oppressed Palestinians are the real winners of the third war of Gaza.

Iran’s Positions in Developments of Palestine

Islamic Republic of Iran since its formation has supported both materially and spiritually the ideals of Palestinian and resistance groups, especially Hamas. This has numerous reasons which the most important of them are mentioned in the following:

  • Religious and Jurisprudence Principles in Defense of Islamic Groups:
    According to Islamic rules such as “negation of the way” and division of the world into “House of Faith” and “House of Blasphemy”, defending Islamic groups is a must; thus, Islamic Republic of Iran, after the Revolution, rules the country on the basis of Islamic principles; hence, it is obliged to defend Islamic groups especially the oppressed Palestinians and Hamas.
  • Defense of Islamic Groups in Constitutions of Islamic Republic of Iran:
    In Iran’s Constitutions such as Article 152 and 154, defense of all Muslim rights and rejection of dominance and submissiveness and protection of the weak against oppressors are taken into consideration. Therefore, because of these principles, Iran tries to defend the Palestinians against the dominance of oppressors.
  • National Security and Interests:
    Undoubtedly, Iran’s support for Palestinian resistance groups plays a considerable role in terms of fulfilling national security and interests. Although, Islamic Republic of Iran has a humane perspective on its foreign policy to Islamic resistance and liberation movements but this matter isn’t a refusal to provide any security or national interests of our country and other Islamic countries and the region with the support of the Islamic Resistance. In other words, not only the revolutionary obligations of Islamic government aren’t at odds with our national interests but they can have close cooperation and interaction with each other. In this respect, non-interference of Islamic Revolution’s enemies especially US to our country can be considered as an important result of fulfilling national interests with respect to Islamic resistance in the region. The failure of American-Israeli plan of “Greater Middle East” is due to Islamic resistance especially Hamas and Hezbollah.

Yet, it is possible to mention numerous reasons for Islamic Republic of Iran’ support of Palestinian Ideals. But the most important of them is the practical role of Islamic Republic of Iran in support of Palestinian resistance especially Hamas in the recent Gaza War such as financial and training help, provision of basic military necessities and intelligence assistance. Palestinian resistance groups are always thankful for this kind of help. But the point is that Islamic Republic of Iran especially The Supreme Leader has repeatedly announced that Iran not only supports the Islamic Resistance and the oppressed Palestinians but is honorable due to this support and will continue supporting them.

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