Wednesday, 23 January, 2019

Intl. Symposium to honor Shahriar


International Symposium in Honor of Professor Shahriar will be held in Tabriz on September 17, during which Iran’s largest mosaic installation will be unveiled.

This Symposium which will run for two days will be attended by Ali Jannati, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, as well as literary figures from Iran and abroad. Ali Akbar Safipour, head of East Azerbaijan Cultural Heritage Organization, said, “over 300 articles have been submitted, 40 of which were introduced as top articles and will be delivered by their authors during the conference.” He named Shahriar as the most talented bilingual writer of contemporary Iran and said, “Shahriar is Azerbaijan’s identity and various aspects of his poetry and personality should be studied and demonstrated.” During this international symposium, Iran’s largest mosaic installation will be unveiled.
This mosaic installation which bears the portrait of Master Shahriar, Khoshknab Town and Tabriz Mausoleum of Poets (Maqbarat-o-shoara) has been constructed using 1 million natural sea pebbles. This installation has a 2 by 3 dimension in meters and has been completed by the members of Visual Arts Association.
Mohammad Hossein Behjat-Tabrizi mainly known by his pen name Shahriar, was a legendary Iranian poet of Azeri origin, and wrote in Azeri and Persian languages. Shahriar was the first Iranian to write significant poetry in Turkish. His poems are mainly influenced by Hafez and Khasta Gasem, an old Turkish poet. His most famous poem Heydar-Babaya Salam, in Turkish, is considered to be among the best modern poems in the language and has been turned into a few plays.

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