Thursday, 19 July, 2018

Iran through the lens of a German solo female traveler

Kashan Badehau

Nadine Pungs, a 35-year-old solo travel blogger from Düsseldorf in Germany, spent one month travelling around Iran to discover the county’s rich history and culture.

Here are some photos taken during her trip to Iran: 

Nadine Moschee

Nadine Pungs visiting an old mosque in Iran


Breakfast in Iran


Bazaar of Tabriz: Pungs stays with Iranians and experiences both the everyday life and celebrations.


Advertising in all languages in Isfahan


A mosque in Isfahan: The city in the middle of the country has numerous magnificent buildings and gardens.


Table laid with chicken, rice and aubergine paste


A mosque in Isfahan


Fake McDonald’s: The burger chain from the USA is forbidden in Iran – its logo is still spreading.


Yazd: The desert town is one of the oldest cities in the country. The historic houses are cooled by the wind towers.


Spices and green tea: “My heart is full, full-bodied with moments, with faces and music, with fragrances and colorful spices, with sun and sky,” writes Pungs.


Persepolis, Shiraz


Taking photo in Persepolis, Shiraz

Kashan Badehau

Nadine enjoying her time in a historical bath, Kashan


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