Wednesday, 16 October, 2019

Iranians Celebrate Mother’s Day on Friday

This Friday, Iranians celebrate Lady Fatima Zahra’s birth anniversary, designated by the Islamic Republic as Women’s Day and Mother’s Day in the country.

Mother’s Day is officially celebrated in well over 140 countries around the world on different days throughout the year.

In Iran, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the birthday of the daughter of Islam’s prophet Mohammad, Hazrate Fatima who was born around 605 A.D.

Among Iranians her birth anniversary is designated as Mother’s Day to uphold the place and character of women on the greatest of women’s birth anniversary.

On this day husbands thank their wives and children thank their mothers.

The Shops are busy and everyone is buying something to show his or her appreciation for the important women in their lives no matter where they may be.

Husbands shop for their wives. Some gifts are expensive and some are valuable emotionally.

Children do not want to be left out and shop with the money they have saved for this day.

For shopkeepers business is good on this day. People buy different items such as flowers, handicrafts and clothing but jewelry is always a favorite for women.

Hazrate Fatime, was the daughter of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and the wife of the first Shia Imam, Imam Ali.


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