Thursday, 02 April, 2020

Makers and Breakers of Iran’s Deal

By: Mohammad Hossein Boroumand

Nuclear talks can be the best alternative for any military confrontation against any nation demands it. But how is possible a state, which dropped the first nukes on the innocent people, seeks for the world security.

US officials have done all their best to prevent any nation from getting nuclear because they think this high technology should be at their hands only. There are copious ways to obstruct any nations.

The sanctions have played a positive role in dethroning the countries looking for nukes. Even, recently, sanctions are influential on Russia, leading to the slump in the budget.

The core matter is the sanctions imposed against Iran, the country who has done anything to show the world the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. It is remarkably absurd that despite the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program, the West sticks stubbornly on the nuclear program of Iran, calling it as “lethal”. Consequently, the US administrations along with the Congress, whether the House or the Senate, have chosen a steel rod to exert pressure on Iran. By doing it, they have endeavored to place a burden on Iran just in order to back away.

This is the Iranian nation who has tolerated all the consequences of sanctions, ranging from lack of medicines to plane fall. But again during the talks which are underway, the US Congress tries to place further embargoes on Iran just to show it their he-man powerful muscles!

As Obama said that he would veto all new sanctions against Iran, but the senators recklessly are pushed to make Iran sip the new hemlock. In all, who is the breaker or maker of the nuclear deal is in question….       

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