Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

“Muhammad: The Messenger of God” to Present Proper Image of Islam, Iranian Director Says

Prominent Iranian director Majid Majid says his latest movie “Muhammad: The Messenger of God” was produced aimed at presenting an accurate picture of Islam.

Speaking at a press conference held on Monday, Majidi said that the idea to make the film came to him in 2006, when he pulled his “The Willow Tree” out of a Danish film festival in protest against the publication of some Danish cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad (S) at that time.

He added that he decided to make a more practical response to the insulting action by making a film about the Prophet of Islam (S).

“We appear to have accomplished little in giving a true image of Islam and due to its ignorance or Islamophobic attitude, the Western world has presented an evil image of Islam,” Majidi stated.

 He said that his film is the second serious film made about Islam after Syrian American director Moustapha Akkad’s “The Message”.

“I have tried to make a film that could develop friendship in the Islamic world, so I chose a period of the Prophet’s life, over which a consensus exists among Muslims,” Majidi said.

With a budget of over $50 million, the 171-minute movie is the most expensive film ever made in Iran in five years.

The Oscar-nominated Iranian director further said that his epic movie will debut on August 26, on the occasion of Imam Reza (AS) birth anniversary.

He also noted that the film will open 39th edition of Montreal World Film Festival (MWFF), which slated for August 27 -September 7, 2015, in Toronto, Canada.

The movie “Muhammad (PBUH)”, is the first part of Iran’s big-budget trilogy on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


A number of internationally-acclaimed professionals, including Academy Award winning visual effects supervisor and filmmaker Scott E. Anderson, three-time Oscar-winning Italian director of photography Vittorio Storaro and renowned Croat production designer Milijen Kreka Kljakovic collaborated in making the film.

Academy Award-winning Indian music composer Allah-Rakha Rahman has written music for the movie.

According to the MWFF’s website, the film does not depict Muhammad [PBUH] himself but his world, the pagan age with all its tyranny and oppression as seen through the eyes of young Muhammad [PBUH] from birth to the age of 13.

Majid Majidi is an internationally and critically acclaimed Iranian film director, film producer, and screen writer whose films have touched on many themes and genres and has won many international awards.

His acclaimed film, Children of Heaven (1997), was the first Iranian film nominated for an Academy Award (Best Foreign Language Film) in 1999.

Majidi’s 1999 film ‘The Color of Paradise’ was chosen one of the best 10 films of the year in the US in 2000.

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  1. Bobby Dias

    August 19, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    Majid Majid says he knows and everybody else is too stupid to know- except to put money in his hand by watching his film makes you smart?

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