Sunday, 12 July, 2020

Obama’s Implicit Confession: Iran Has Never Sought for Nukes

By: Mansour Afrasiabi

Some days ago, nuclear deal has been reached and declared by Dr. Zarif and Mogherini. Afterwards, Obama addressed the nation, mentioning some important points to internal opponents as well as his Middle East allies: “If Iran were to build nuclear weapons, it could build some nukes because of 7 tons enriched uranium, having stored.”

Intentionally or unintentionally, Obama confirmed Iran’s compliance with NPT as well as political and ethical beliefs that making nuclear bombs is against Sharia. The point, repeatedly announced by Iran’s Supreme Leader and other officials; that’s to say, making and using nuclear weapons are against Islamic ethical values and Sharia. But United States and the other western countries imagined that such a position is political and may be changed. Iran stored 7 tons of enriched uranium for many years; therefore, if it were to make nuclear bombs, nothing would stop Iran.

Obama implicitly announced that Iran has never sought for making nuclear weapons. Consequently, US State Department and the White house have recognized that during last 12 years, they spent all energies and time on spreading propaganda sponsored by Israeli media.

To cover its wrong strategies, create chaos in the Middles East, and blackmail Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Israel and its allies have used “Iranophobia” to induce that “Iran seeks for making nukes”. Although Obama recognized the security of Israel as one of its foreign policy priorities, but he said that Iran has never tried to make nuclear weapons. I hope public opinions of the other countries confess that Israel’s allegation about Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism is absolutely wrong.

Due to its national and ethical values and beliefs, Iran seeks for the security and stability of the Middle East. Iran is the first and only country in confronting with ISIS and extremism in the Middle East. In the other words, this reality is undeniable for all politicians as well as policy-makers in the world.

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