Tuesday, 25 February, 2020

Tehran’s top 10 best luxury restaurants

Food is one of those things a person should travel for. We don’t care if it’s fine dining or someone serving up a greasy sandwich in a dark alley; for us, all that matters is the taste, and more importantly the love the food is made with. This is why a traveler  should actively seek out the new and noteworthy cuisine of any place he/she is visiting.

In this article we’ll list out the top 10 best luxury restaurants in Iran’s capital, Tehran selected by Iranian website Omidvaar; they appear in no particular order and we promise if you are ever lucky enough to tour Tehran you will not just like, but love at least one of these places.

1- Loshato restaurant, Darband street


2- Alborz restaurant, Sohrevardi Shomali street


3- Entrocote (French) restaurant, South Shiraz Street


4- Esfandiar restraunt, Vali Asr street


5- Alighapoo restaurant, Gandhi street


6- Milad Tower Revolving restaurant, Hemmat highway, Milad Tower


7- Bagh-e Gilas resturant, Velenjak


8- Elysée Restaurant, Tajrish


9- Narenjestan restaurant, Sa’adat Abad


10- Ordak-e Abi (Blue duck) resturant, Tajrish


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