Wednesday, 16 October, 2019

US Simultaneous Test of B61-12 with Vienna Talks

By: Vahid Jafarian

As nuclear talks, held in Vienna, signal for the last round of talks and international communities are eager to receive news about “nuclear deal”, American media reported that United States tested a new nuclear bomb called as B61-12.
Although US took such measures earlier which are against with NPT but the question is that why United States tested a new bomb when nuclear talks are ended in a deal.
United States said that the purpose of nuclear talks is to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons but Iran is a member of NPT and US is not. Why does United States recognize an additional right for itself to develop all kinds of mass destruction weapons?
David Krieger, President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, recognized the recent test of a nuclear bomb by US as a violation of NPT and said: By testing B61-12, American officials sent a message to the international communities that updating nuclear weapons has invariably been a part of US military strategies and Washington is not responsible to keep its commitments.
Theodore Postol, former advisor to Pentagon and professor of Science, Technology, and International Security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, called this test “weird” and said: Such bombs cannot be used in the real world because they are not controllable.
Those countries, concerned about Iran’s nuclear program, both have nuclear weapons and used it against people. In other words, United Stated massacred thousands of innocent people in Japan. However, Iran has recognized as illegal and unethical to produce and develop any nuclear weapons.
It is interesting to know that these days which nuclear talks are underway, a photograph has been shared on social media, indicating the number of P5+1 nuclear bombs.
In the pic the number of nuclear bombs of each country mentioned. As interesting as it is, Iran is the only country that does not have any nuclear weapons. The country which all P5+1 countries have been suspicious about its nuclear program, has tried to negotiate with western countries about the peaceful nature of its program. Although United States has less nuclear bombs compared to Russia but it is the only country which used it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Anyway, United States has questioned his allegations about Iran as well as violated international treaties by testing this new nuclear bomb. On the contrary, Iran, as a member of NPT, has made all its diplomatic attempts to negotiate logically and peacefully with P5+1 countries about the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. In the other words, Iran has tried to convince them that it has not sought to make nuclear weapons.

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