Sunday, 26 January, 2020

World Peace Plays into Iran Deal Opponents’ Hands

By: Vahid Jafarian

Following an almost one-month heavy propaganda against Iran’s nuclear deal mostly by pro-Israel groups, opponents of the deal staged a rally in Times Square in New York on Wednesday to show their disagreement with the historic deal reached between Iran and six world powers and to urge the US Congress to block it.

The rally, called the “Stop Iran rally”, consisted mainly of pro-Israel supporters, though organizers said it represents Americans of all faiths and political convictions.

The group is asking Congress to reject the deal under which the US would agree to lift economic sanctions against Iran in return for measures to prevent the country from building nuclear weapons.

Although it was initially  expected that a great deal of people would attend this rally, only 10,000 attended, having regarded as a negligible number compared to whole New York’s population.

Such a fact shows that recent propaganda by pro-Israel lobbies in the United States have had a little impact on American citizens and the majority of them support the historic deal between Iran and United States.

Moreover, recent polls on the nuclear deal, conducted by renowned institutes and organizations, indicate that a majority of Americans are proponents of the deal, preferring deal to military confrontation.

Israeli officials and their lobbies in the Congress have recently made all their last-ditch attempts to depict Iran’s nuclear deal as a threat to the international security generally and to the security of Israel specifically.

However, public opinion around the world are well aware that nuclear deal neither jeopardizes international security nor is a trigger for Iran’s probable military attack.

Israel has invariably tried to present Iran as a threat for international peace and security and its organized rally in New York was one of the examples. After the deal, however, world pubic opinion towards Iran have been drastically changed. Therefore, those who attended the rally in New York yesterday, put consciously or unconsciously the international peace at stake and paved the way for the benefit of Israel.

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